King David


Hello and welcome to King David. 

King David started back in 2000 and is now a blog site.  Currently we are going through the Bible one chapter a day, where I pull out a verse or a few words and write about it.  If you follow the whole thing we will get through the whole book in about three years.  Many people tell me that they find studying the Bible in bite sized pieces helpful.     

So if we are going to explore Christianity together you ought to know what I believe.  I agree with the fundamentals of the bible especially concerning Jesus.  I believe He died for my sins on a cross and because I believe in Him by faith when I die I will go to be with Him in heaven.  I believe in one God who I recognise as God the father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  

Also, from time to time I get to travel and usually film some video as well which you are welcome to watch.

 If you have questions please direct them to