King David



November 2018

The boat for transporting people and goods had been working for a few months but not making much money.  God reminded me that the boat needed to be working day and night for it to become cost effective.  So I started to pray in the materials we would need to be able to do the fishing, and within a matter of weeks we had all the funds necessary to see the boat being used all the time.   God is faithful and the boat now employs eight men and is able to help support the orphans at the school.

Mfangano Island - Arrabon

June 2018

Just back from Kenya and experienced the delights of the 40 seater boat that has just been completed.  I felt led to pray for the funds for the boat so that we could offer employment to the men on the island and also give some of the proceeds to the school for the orphans.  It's early days but seems to be busy, in fact it was packed for the two trips I took on it.  Arrabon is from the Greek word meaning 'deposit of the Holy Spirit', and is quiet a talking point among the locals on the boat.  We are continuing to pray that it will be a successful venture and bless the school and the community.


Mfangano Island Outreach Academy

March 2018

Heading back to the Island to see what has happened on the island.  The main change is that the funding for the boat has arrived.  You might be wondering how that can be connected with the school, but it's a wonderful idea that I give God the credit for.  A boat that transports people and goods during the day, and a fishing boat at night.  A percentage of all income to go to the school to help feed the children.  I love seeing a project coming together.  

We are also praying in sponsors for the children, not a new idea at all, but a very effective one to make sure children are given the opportunities of education and being fed and clothed.  Sharing the load.



January 2018

Late last year I was walking along the high street close to my home and I heard from the Lord, it was so clear, and He said, "those children are yours".  I knew exactly what He meant.  He was referring to the 57 children that I was trying to help on Mfangano Island.  I have been working with Bishop Mickey Okeyo who started the school.  They visited families on the Island and picked those who were most in need.  Out of the 57 children 47 are orphans.  We trust and believe God for all the funds to run the school, pay the teachers, build the classrooms, and feed the children twice a day.  Desks, chairs, school books, uniforms, everything.  We started in 2017 and we are slowly moving forward.   Mfangano Island is in Lake Victoria, Kenya, one of the poorest regions in the world,  

You can read more about the work we are doing there by going to the Mfangano Island Outreach Academy facebook page.   Lots of pictures of the up to date progress.

More information to follow as it comes in