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I must caution you that this is addictive and the greatest fun possible.

How to become your own grant giving trust.

Do you long to have the power to seriously bless other people. Do you wish you had a fortune to give away? Do you feel in your heart that if only you didn't have any debts or mortgage you could do so much more? If that is you, read on.

All the processes come from biblical principles that can work whether you are a Christian or not.

The first point is that you need to know how much money you have and how much you spend. If you need help with this I can recommend that you put yourself through a budget process. List all your income and then all the money you spend, include everything. Take the money going out, from the money coming in, and see if you have any money left over. If you have that's a good place to start, if not, you need to adjust your budget by reducing the spending. Think about what you need rather than what you want and that will help.

If you are a Christian you are possibly already giving 10 percent of your income. This is over and above that and has nothing to do with your tithe.

Next you need to pray, or decide in your heart what you want to give away. You need to be realistic at this point. If you have debts you're not going to be able to give away 50 percent of your income. It may only be £20.00 per month that you can afford, that's OK, you need to start somewhere. That £20.00 is your financial seed money and you are going to plant it into a charity, or an individual that you know (If you're not a Christian you can still put your money into a local church). Then the next month you do the same again. You can bless someone else with the next lot of financial seed and spread the love! This is part of the fun, looking for someone to bless, seeing what's out there. Keep doing this and you will find that something starts to happen. As you sow you will start getting a financial harvest back. Your bills will start to reduce, the amount of money you have will grow. Once you start feeling the difference in your finances, up the amount you give, perhaps you're now giving away £30.00 per month and even more things start to happen to bless your finances. You need to be honourable with your dealings in all areas of your life for this to really work well. You might get promotion, tax rebates; someone might give you a big gift. This is your financial harvest and means you can pay off your debts, start to save and increase again the amount you give.

You might have a dream to buy a house for someone one day; this is the way to start. Start from where you are, be faithful in your giving and expect a financial harvest. Little by little things will change and you will go up by levels on your giving. Keep a diary of your financial sowing and your financial harvests and you can watch it grow and see how many people you have been able to bless. Collect memories of people you have blessed rather than handbags or designer shirts.

You will eventually be able, through the power of your monthly giving to set up your own trust and offer grants if you want to. You will be able to go to your local community groups and offer them money. It's a humbling experience to bless someone so much that you can change their life forever. What a statement of how much you love and care about someone when you put your hand in your pocket and help them out. It also means you have a great responsibility to bless others so it won't harm them. Imagine giving a large sum to a drug addict and hearing they had overdosed with the money you gave them. Just be wise about what you do. You will be changed by the power of giving a gift equal to up to half of your income.

You could get together with friends and relatives and do joint giving and multiply your impact.

Why should you do this? It's more fun than buying the latest television; or shoes, it has more impact on your world and makes you feel soooo good! Guilt free spending!

Be practical and perhaps follow the seven year plan below. It might take time to get yourself out of any debt and you need to honour those.

Seven year giving plan:

Year 1

Give 10 percent of income

Year 2

Give 15 percent of income

Year 3

Give 20 percent of income

Year 4

Give 25 percent of income

Year 5

Give 30 percent of income

Year 6

Give 40 percent of income

Year 7

Give half your income away and continue year on year


If your church or group would like to be taken through this process then e-mail me at putting the word Grants in the subject line, and I may be able to come and launch you into it.

Or you can send me a testimony of how it's going to putting the word Testimony in the subject line.