King David


January 2018

Currently in Japan at a place called Osaka.  Visiting family and a few of the sights.  It's a good time to come as in the summer the humidity can go up to 100 percent.  We have had many cold days but the sun has been out and has been very pleasant.  Also it's not overly busy, by British standards, it's still packed, but there were seats on the trains.  The train system here is excellent, frequent and extensive.  They have also started putting messages out in English, and the signs are now in English too.  They are getting ready for hosting the Olympics so makes things much easier.  The people are quiet and reserved and I like that.  The Christian population is only about 1 percent and there are very few churches here.  But Australia have sent over missionaries and planted churches here which are conducted in English and Japanese.

Had an amazing time in Japan, what an interesting culture.  I was going to call it diverse but had to re-think that one.  It's so different to what I am used to here, but the people seemed lovely.  I am already fluent in the use of chopsticks but if you have trouble with them I found this handy set to carry in my bag.  Obviously you need to put it in with your hold luggage, but a useful cutlery set all the same, which even has a set of chopsticks!