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Kenya Missions

Kenya Missions


As a Christian I am called to go out and help others come to faith.  There is also social action and I know these were always called to go together.  

I am currently setting up an Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Kenya to further help those God has called me to work with.  I am working with my Ministry Partners who are there on the ground.   I started going down the road of setting up a registered Charity here in the UK, but that wasn't God's plan and He stopped that.  

So what have I done so far?  I've traveled around and spoken to many people in many places, seeing the need and encouraging when I get the opportunity.  My main focus is now to teach and encourage Pastors about finances.  With many years experience working in finance, eight of those in a church, I have much to share.

As we are just setting up the NGO no large projects have so far been started, but we have already been led to start some in business using micro business loans.  From tee-shirt printing to a school we have been able to start making a difference.

I don't believe in giving aid, I do believe in asking God for a plan for a business venture that gives church members employment and a community project that supports the church and the local community.  I want to help people get started with that and I know that as I step out to help the resources will come.

With eighty percent unemployment in Kenya people need jobs and I have seen too many poor Pastors who are crying out to God for help and resources.  With God's grace I will do what I can, with those whom He sends to stand with me.



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