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You will probably know that in the life of a Christian there are seasons of learning, when the Lord shows us certain things in a much deeper way than was our previous understanding.  Whilst I am being shown such things its like waking up with Christmas every day.  A showing of the wonderful gifts what the Lord has for us.  Its like receiving a box as a present and then someone comes along and shows that there are secret draws to it that you weren’t aware of before and it delights you. 

Several years ago the Lord decided it was time for me to be shown what the transfiguration was all about.  Why did Jesus go to the top of the mountain and God reveal Moses and Elijah to Him.  What was it all about.

The thought that often we are shown some manisfestation of the power of God before a trial of importance comes along is probably a good place to start.  We know that Jesus was preparing to go to the cross.  Some thoughts are that the deciples with Him needed to see this powerful manisfestation was also true.  They were about to loose Jesus to the cross and would need powerful memories to carry them.  These things are all probably true, but what I want to talk about is my own personal experience.

Every time I would pray the Lord would call me to look at the same piece of scripture, the transfiguration.  He gradually pulled back the layers of my understanding and showed me all the above but one night after I had prayed I was just wanting to spend some time in the presence of the Lord.  I wasn’t saying anything and knew that I just needed to sit on the floor.  I was in the tiny box bedroom in our house, which we have converted to my office.  There is a sofabed, a desk, a  chair and some shelves.  I was sat on the floor with my legs crossed.  I had a small table light on and a candle burning.  The candle to me represents the presence of the Holy Spirit.  I wasn’t saying anything and was just trying to keep my mind blank from everyday things and focus on Jesus when I became aware that I wasn’t on my own in the room.  I looked at the chair and saw an old man sat there.  He had white hair brushed away from his face.  He had a large white beard.  He had on a off-white robe which was what I would expect Jesus to wear.  If I had put my hand out I know that it would have gone through him to the chair beneath, but he looked very real to me.  I asked what his name was and he told me that his name was Moses.  I then asked “what can I do for you”.  He told me “ I have come to tell you to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus”.  After telling me this he was gone.  As it was late I went straight to bed afterwards and it wasn’t until I woke the next morning that I really understood what had happened.  I know in the Bible it specifically tells us not to seek the dead, but Jesus had chosen to reveal this to me in answer to my questions about the transfiguration.  I wondered at the different ways God chooses to speak to us and the need to keep an open mind. 


- Sarah Parsons-Winter