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Follow that woman!

I knew I wasn't going to attend my home church because the ladies were away for a retreat and I had asked the Lord if I should go and He had told me that I would be away.  I was expecting to be somewhere different. 

Sunday morning came and I had a vision when I woke up of a friend of mine on the bus whom I sometimes meet as she was going to her church, Hope church in Hotwells, Bristol.  I knew that is where I was meant to go.  So I got ready and went for the bus.  She wasn't on it but I still got off at Hotwells and made my way to Hope Church.  No one was there, it was completely closed up.  I saw on their advertised diary that they had all gone off for a church picnic and baptism service somewhere else.  I was stood there wondering why the Lord would send me to a closed church.  I asked Him what I should do now and the Holy Spirit told me to 'wait'.  I sat down and waited but I didn't know for what.  I asked again and was told again to 'wait'.  Thankfully the sun was out.  Within about ten minutes I was told to leave and I had to ask what to do next.  I was instructed to walk, I had to ask which way and the Holy Spirit told me to go in the direction of town.  I was enjoying myself now, knowing I was on an adventrue that heaven had arranged for me.  I came to a bus stop and was told to wait and get the bus.  It arrived within moments and I got on.  Once seated I asked for further instructions and was told to follow the women in pink by the door.  I had noticed her when I had got on.  When she got off the bus I got off too and had to remember to leave some space between us.  She walked for about five minutes and stopped at another bus stop, then is when I approached her and asked if she was going to church! 

We got on the bus when it came and ended up going out of the city, we also met another sister from the same church.  After getting off the bus and walking to the gathering they were talking about how God had led them both to cover their heads with scarfs in their personal prayer times.  I realised then that I would be expected to cover my head during the service.  The woman I had followed had been sent back by the Holy Spirit to collect a spare scarf for me to use that morning.  As always the Lord had every detail covered.  As I was going to the ladies to put on the scarf the Lord showed me why I was there.  He wanted me to tell the church the reason all the ladies are wearing scarfs is because this is a place where Muslim women will be comfortable.  This is going to be a church where God will send those Muslims He has revealed Himself to.   I give the Lord all the glory for giving me such an adventure, for allowing me to be used, for leading me to a church where they worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth.  I pray that God will send many to their doors and they will see a multitude saved and baptised.  Praise God.   I have deliberately left out places and names to protect those concerned.

- Sarah Parsons-Winter