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What God has shown me about money

I have always been interested in finance and was brought up to "spend a little, save a little" from an early age.  When I became a Christian in 1995 God started to show me about Kingdom finances and that's what I want to share. 

I know of a Pastor who has been leading a church for over two years and in all that time he has never spoken to the church about money.  Perhaps the timing isn't right but, I can understand that Pastors might want to avoid taking about money because it might look like they are just after a payrise. In God's timing teaching about finances can help change a whole community.   

Enough of that, so what makes me able to talk about finances.  I worked for a church for 8 years doing their book-keeping and spending hours alone in an office with God.  I was really interested in the subject and knew how powerful the tithe was because of the amount of opposition I used to get.  The devil hates it when you tithe, all the more reason to go for it!

The Tithe

The Holy Spirit was the one who asked me to tithe.  As a young Christian I didn't hear any teaching on it apart from what I had read in the Bible.  I remember as if it were yesterday the Holy Spirit giving me a list which I wrote down of how much He wanted me to put where.  He asked me to set up regular payments for these amounts.  I added up my budget and realised if I did what the Holy Spirit was asking me I would be in debt each month.  I didn't have enough to cover all I had been asked to cover and I told the Holy Spirit this and He asked me to trust Him.  So I went ahead and set up all the regular payments and prayed a lot!  Just before they were all due to come out of my bank it came to light under a new financial system at work that I had been underpaid for over three years!  I received a lump sum of about six months pay, and of course, my monthly pay then went up and I had an increase in pay, which meant I could easily cover all the regular payments God had asked of me.  I hadn't have enough to tithe, and some of you might think you don't have anything to tithe either.  If you are serious and ask the Holy Spirit to help you to become a tither it will happen but you have to do what you are told and trust God to come through for you. Exodus 35:20 says "Then the whole Israelite community withdrew from Moses presence and everyone who was willing and whose heart moved him came and brought an offering to the Lord for the work on the Tent of Meeting".

There is another story I want to share about the tithe, it happened much later on with my walk with God and at the time I was putting cash in the collection basket every month once I was paid.  I remember standing up ready to take my tithe up to the front of the church and the Holy Spirit spoke to me very clearly and asked me to give my tithe to the man standing next to me.  I reminded God that it was my tithe and I should pay it into the church and He asked me who's money it was in my hand.  I told God that it was His money and then He told me to give it to the man next to me.  God said that if it was His money couldn't He do with it what He wanted?  I couldn't fault that so I passed my tithe over to the guy next to me, who gave me a hug and cried a bit and I thought that was the last of it.  At the Tuesday night prayer meeting the guy gave testimony about the money I had given him without mentioning me by name.  He said that he was in financial problems and was ready to walk away from God because it seemed like God really didn't care about him.  When I gave him the money he realised how much God cared and rededicated his life to the Lord.  Your small act of obedience could save someone from going to hell.  I always ask God where He wants the tithe now because I learnt a long time ago that it is His money and I am to do with it whatever He wants. 

I have another story like that which happened very recently where I was asked to give over a small portion of my tithe to the person next to me.  It wasn't a really clear voice telling me to do it, more of a tug on my heart to give.  I did as I felt led and the person just thanked me.  The next week they came up to me and shared that God was asking them to walk by faith and my giving them some money confirmed to them that God would provide.   God is so good to allow us to be used by Him.  I love it when I become part of someone's journey and can help them reach their goals.

Sowing and Reaping

Last year I dropped a couple of dress sizes so most of my clothes were too big so I sowed them by giving them away.  After I had done that my wardrobe looked really empty with not much to wear at all.  Then I got a phone call from a friend asking if I would like a bag of clothes in my new size.  God is so good to me giving me all that I need. 

We used to have someone in our church who worked with people who were having financial problems and many of them didn't know Jesus either.  She used to help them with their finances and many would come to faith because they saw Jesus working in her so they became Christians also.  The Lord spoke to me about giving a little bit of money every time someone that she was working with became a Christian.  I was sowing into abundance because I knew that each person that became a Christian would have their life turned around.  During this process my husband became a Christian after praying for him for nearly 10 years.  I thought that I had been sowing into finances, but I had actually been sowing into salvation.  So if you have it on your heart to see someone saved put your money into helping someone who is actively bringing in the lost. 

I have noticed that if you give to the poor God will return to you the amount you gave away, but I am also aware that if you sow into the glory then you will be blessed with increase.  If we sow our money into the glory then we will have more to help the poor.  It's not difficult to find out where the glory is, just ask God and He will show you. 

There was a couple who God had put on my heart to support financially because money was tight for them.  I would give them cash or pay for their shopping in the supermarket.  There wasn't a single time when I helped them that God didn't refund what I had paid out.  Sowing and reaping really does work, just ask the Holy Spirit who He wants you to bless today and give it a go.

There was a time a couple of years ago when I was living like the Israelites in the desert and would have manna every day.  The Lord had asked me to divide what I had for the month to a daily amount and every day I would have a small amount to give away.  The Lord is not slow in telling you where He wants you to put His money if He knows you are willing.  It was such a special season to be able to actively seek God for someone to bless each day.  Some days it would just be a box of biscuits or a bunch of flowers.  Sometimes it was to treat someone to a meal or it was to save it up for the week and give it all away in a lump sum to someone that was on God's heart.

Last year I had a little money that I had put aside for clothes but there wasn't anything I could think of that I needed so I decided instead to sow the money into the glory.  I did it with an expectation that I would reap a harvest of clothing.  I couple of weeks later I received a phone call offering me a bag of clothes in my size from the shops I would usually go to.  The colours were perfect for me.  It's like God was my personal shopper and provided me with all that I wanted.  It was so much more than I could have ever brought with the money I sowed.  I have found that if you want a blessing from God it has to start with me doing something to get His attention.  Why not bless someone today.

Giving beyond your means

There are two stories to be told where I have been asked by the Holy Spirit to give beyond my means.  (2 Corinthians 8:3 For I testify that they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability.)  I don't usually talk about them but if I am going to pass on what I know then I am going to have to share.  You must be very sure of what you are doing before you go ahead and do this.

I was in a prayer meeting and we were praying for someone I know, seeking confirmation from the Lord what they believed He was asking them to do was right.  They said that they would know if it was because the Lord would provide the funding for it.  When they said that the Holy Spirit said that I should pay for what they needed.  What they needed ran into thousands!  I didn't have that kind of money but I rang them up for a chat and found out that the amount they needed could be paid monthly. I knew that if I was prepared to go without and be very careful with what I had then I could pay for what they needed.  I told them what I was prepared to do and they did what they were meant to do now they had the funding.  For the first few months the Lord really blessed the giving and then it became harder until it got to a stage where I knew that I would be out of pocket the following month.  I was praying about it during the worship in the church and the person contacted me soon after and told me they had been blessed and were now able to continue to pay for what they needed if I felt it was right.  It was again God's perfect timing and I was released from my obligation.   If it hadn't been from God I would have ended up owing thousands.  I can't say that this was an easy thing to do but I believe that all I have belongs to God.  If you have that way of thinking it is easier to let go of your funds and enable others to reach their goals.

This story is much the same as the one above except God asked me to take out a loan to clear someone else's debts.  I know that it talks in proverbs about not doing this and that is true unless you get a direct word from the Lord.  I knew that what I was doing was well within my means until the Lord asked me to give up my job and live by faith.  Well I can tell you that every payment has been met on time, God doesn't let you down.  I can't say that I haven't had the odd wobble about the whole thing, because I have, but God is faithful and wanted to test me with this high level of giving.  If you get asked to do something like this it is a test to see how much you trust Him and if you pass it will take you up to a whole new level of giving and receiving.

Financial Fasting

Last year the Lord asked me to go on a financial fast for the month and I can say that it was one of the hardest things I have ever done.  I was allowed to spend money on food to feed the family and that was it.  If you are going to do this then you would also be allowed transport costs to work and that would be it.  So you can eat and go to work and nothing else.  You have to really think about everything you do and how you do it.  I was also allowed to do things if others treated me.  It made my world really small and I got down some days.  It wasn't until the end that God revealed why He had asked me to do it.  He showed me that many of the poorest people in the world live like that all the time.  It made me realise how difficult it is to motivate yourself if you have no funds to help.  I told the Lord that I never want to do it again, that I had learnt my lesson.  The outcome of it has been that the extra time I was at home I had a good clearout and got rid of a lot of things I no longer need, I also look at money differently now and very seriously consider before I buy anything.   If you have a heart to become radical with your money then this would be a good starting point.


This is for those people who have been called to provide funds for the Kingdom.  If you know that you have been called to give away thousands to see projects and people helped around the world then this is something God may have already started to show you.  You need to be reading about Abraham, (Genesis 14:18) King David, Moses and Joshua in the bible, these are all the places that cover plunder.

This process takes back the money of the wicked for the Kingdom of God and first of all you need to defeat the king who has stolen the Kingdom money, this requires spiritual warfare.  If you don't know what you are doing but feel you should go ahead then you need to ask God to teach you what to do.  If the idea of spiritual warfare makes you scared stop now.  If you have fear there is no way this will work, don't say I didn't tell you.  If the idea won't go away speak to someone you trust who has done spiritual warfare and learn from them.  It gets me mad when I think that the devil has stolen money that has been set aside for the Kingdom of God and I am prepared to go take it back, I am, after all, on the winning side!

Once you have learnt what to do and defeated the king who has stolen the Kingdom money you claim back all the finances that belong to the Kingdom of God, and claim the plunder.  All the gold and all the silver belongs to God.  You ask the angels of heaven to go and bring in the plunder for the Kingdom.  Keep believing and check the progress with God.

Now you have to go to heaven and get it.  You need to make sure that you are pure and clean with no sin and ask God if you may asend into heaven to get the plunder and then wait on God to go. (We can ascend and descend like the angels in Genesis 28:12)  When I went to heaven I was taken to a room full of gold plates and goblets and bowls and I spread out a blanket and put a pile of plunder on it.  Then I returned to earth.  I expected to see something in the room with me but I didn't so I kept asking God what to do now.  I felt I needed to convert the plunder to currency for the here and now and I did that.  I knew it was done when the Lord showed me a picture of a safe full of money.  Then I asked how to convert the spiritual money in the safe to actual money in my hands and the Lord reminded me of Philippians 4:19 which says "And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus".  So when I have a need God will provide all I need, He has been faithful so far and I will let you know when I have further testimony of His goodness.

Living by Faith

Living by faith isn't for everyone and when I was asked by the Lord to do it I can't say that I was keen.  I receive housekeeping money from my husband but everything else I rely on God to provide.  I don't talk about my needs on the whole, I just take my requests to God and He works it all out for me.  Today I had invited a friend out to lunch and last night God provided the funds for the meal, I didn't even ask.  He is so much more interested in our finances than we are.  I know that I was called to live this way so I could stand up and say that it works, that God is faithful and trustworthy.  If you feel called to live this way just make sure that it is God's timing that you start in or you could end up very hardup.


We are all called to be faithful stewards of the Kingdom finances and see the Kingdom advance.  Your small offering could open the door for provision to flood in, never stop asking what you can give and asking God to show you where the need is.  If you are faithful in the small things and do it with a glad heart He will know that He can use you for anything.  Why would God want to use someone that He can't trust with His money?  I hope this has helped.


- Sarah Parsons-Winter