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Saturday, 22nd Nov 2014

 I was working with the homeless and it was my turn to share scripture with them as they were having their Sunday lunch.  I prayed for the right one and felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to read Romans 12:17.  Little did I know it was more for my benefit than anyone else.  You see it says about giving food and drink to your enemies and there was a certain lady who turned up who hadn't come for months because we had history.  I'd tried to stop her beating up one of the other women but there had been too many standing against me and I had just ended up watching as she kicked and punched someone else.  So you can understand that I wouldn't want to treat her like my best friend, and then here was this scripture and I just carried on reading and praying with everyone despite my feelings.  I decided to just let the feelings die and carry on anyway.   The word is sharper than a double edged sword and it impacted me so much that day.  The right verse came because I asked for one for that time and place.  You can do the same, ask Jesus for a word to impact your life right now, I know He won't let you down.